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Hello, I'm Dr. Sara Hart and I am so happy to share with you the gems of wisdom that have been shared to me with over 20 years of study of traditional and modern medicine. I have had a private medical practice for over 15 years in addition to being a Mother of 3 kids and a farmer. I have used natural medicine to care for countless patients and farm animals over the years and am happy to share what I've learned!

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"Every month I look forward to the course and have learned so much from your teachings. I am in awe how you can so seamlessly combine the impressive amount of knowledge that you have from
different traditions into each lesson. I am also grateful that through these teachings I have discovered a profound sense of wonder about the world. They have awakened in me something I believe I always sensed deep inside but could not formulate, this knowing that nature is not outside of us but within us, that our well-being cannot be reduced to the well-functioning of separate parts, but is in fact interrelated with our emotions, our organs, the seasons, what and how we eat, our lineage, and
so many subtle mysteries of the universe. Although I truly believe everyone has this sense of the world inside of them, it's not always apparent and when I listen to your lectures I feel inspired and a sense
of belonging. Thank you!"

- Anonymous, Netherlands